Back in the day I interviewed for a job at Best Buy with the sole intention of using my paycheck to buy my first video camera: a Sony Handicam D8. I just wanted to work the register or sell some stuff out on the floor in one of the departments. But the store needed a security guy to stand up at the front right between the entrance and exit doors. If you've ever been to a Best Buy or the like, you've seen the poor shmuck standing up front. It's the dumbest, most boring job I've ever had. Literally stand there all day looking at black and white monitors and checking receipts. I didn't catch one shoplifter. Not one.

I thought to myself, man, I'd be so much more effective at this job if I could just go out and walk around the store. I'd brush shoulders with folks, be more helpful and deter any would-be shoplifters right then and there. It would be perfect! Anyway. Took four weeks to earn enough to buy my camera and then I lasted a few more weeks before I quit that job like grandma's cat quits a bath. Spent the rest of the summer burning tape and learning non-linear editing. I was hooked.

- Matt Binetti, owner


I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin and after high school began studying theater at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities. In 1998, I managed a college painting business and earned distinguished recognition for generating $50,000 in summer sales.

From 1999 to 2000, I participated in a study abroad program and studied Spanish art and history in Madrid, Spain. Then transferred to the University of Wisconsin—Madison in Fall 2000 and earned my B.A. in Communication Arts in 2002. Before graduating I joined the production staff of PBS affiliate WHA TV in 2001 and my duties included camera operating, floor managing and assistant lighting. Productions I worked on included statewide news, college sports and live performances.

I moved to New York City in 2005 and started working freelance in reality TV. Some of the cable networks I produced shows for include the History Channel and HGTV. During this time I also earned my masters degree in Media Studies from The New School and graduated in 2010.

Today, I am a seasoned non-fiction storyteller who has overseen multiple edit suites, developed pilots and post-produced hundreds of hours worth of docu-reality content. My directing and editing experience includes reality TV, promotional videos and short documentaries. I embrace the challenges of fatherhood and live with my family in the greater Milwaukee area.

Matt Binetti